George Gray & Associates are your Sell Sheet and Catalog Printing leader. With over 35 years photography and 25 years in printing experience and service, we can give your product the power and intensity you want to present to your customers. We out source to presses that run continuously and are calibrated professionally to ICC standards as are our camera's, digital proofers and scanners. This assures that the product we photograph is the product we print. We handle your CMYK printing of 4-Color needs. Our furniture photography matches color fabrics and wood tones within 95% to 99%. Variables are due to printing inks and different papers.

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Furniture Photography
• Very Large & Small Table Top Products
• Interior & Exterior of Property & Buildings
• Business Portrait
• Commercial Digital and Film Photography
• Construction Site Progress/Documentation
• Editorial/Environment Business Portrait
• Architectural Photography
• Advertising Photography

Film and Digital Services Include:

• Pre-Press/Page Layout and Assemblies/Make Readies for Printing
• 4-Color Printing Press Services
• Superior Black & White Inkjet Printing
• Superior Color Corrected Inkjet Printing
• Sharp & Corrected Color Images for Web Pages & E-Mail Advertising
• On Location, High Speed, Color Printing
• High Resolution Film Scanning up to 2,040 Pixel Per Inch on 4"x 5" Film

Serving Los Angeles, Orange County & Inland Empire of California
ARA 4-up Chairs

We are here to help you with sales.

Think about it. Photographs made at your place of business. What's the benefit to you?

1) No packing and trucking of goods to photo studio. That means no cost for labor to pack furniture for transporting. No cost for driver & truck to deliver to studio. No cost for driver & truck to go back to pick-up items. Saves days of time and money.

2) Items can be pulled right off the production line & photographed.

3) Items can be pulled right off the deliver truck to your plant, photographed, put back on truck & continued on its way to High-Point or Vegas.

4) No possible damaging to items in packing or delivery because there are no transportation issues involved.

5) If items need touch-ups it's done right there on the spot with your people.

It is, "time and labor", efficient to do photo shoots at manufactures location.

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Established in 1972 to provide high quality photographic services for business having a need to record or advertise people, product and places.
Specialty: Location Photography at Furniture Manufacturing Plants & Retail Stores:
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